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Whether you are selling products, tours or hotel rooms online, you are tracking a certain action that you care about. In order to increase those conversions it’s nowadays in a competitive market not only enough to attract more users to your website. You also want to offer your visitors a fine experience in order to get them to convert.

Where Google Analytics is a great tool to get quantitative insights in leads and event tracking, it’s failing to bring qualitative insights. Visitors are spending two minutes on a certain page, but what are they doing? Hotjar is a powerful tool for Digital Marketers that helps you understand your visitors behavior. It delivers data and analytics that can be used to improve the Customer Experience to lead to a increased conversion rate.

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The Analytics of Hotjar 

Hotjar Analytics offers a variety of analytics to gain great insights in the behavior of your visitors.


One of the most famous features of Hotjar are the heatmaps. Heatmaps deliver visual insights into click, move and scroll behavior per device. Gain actionable insights in where exactly people are clicking or how far they are scrolling down.

People might be clicking on an image or text that doesn’t lead them anywhere. Another use-case I have seen before is that 65% of the people stopped scrolling down after seeing a (as we know now), too large white space, leaving them to think they reached the end of the page.


This (controversial?) feature records the whole session of behaviors. It’s a exact video of what a certain user has been doing on your website. See exactly where they move their mouse, where to scroll and where they click/tap.


A funnel is a visual representation of the funnels you likely have set in Google Analytics. You can manually configure your pathway that typically leads to a conversion. This may look like this:

Blog page > landing page > checkout page > thank you page
Home page > tour page > booking form > thank you page

The shorter your funnel the better! Hotjar will show exactly at which step people are dropping off. Discover at which step of your funnel people are leaving your website and get to work!


The checkout process typically consist of some kind of form. Nobody likes to fill in dozens of fields (that may even be unnecessary). Hotjar’s form-feature gives powerful insights in how people interact with your forms.

Use this feature to identify exactly:

  • At which fields users drop off
  • How long people take to fill in a certain field
  • The percentage of people that came back to refill a field
  • Percentage of people that left a field blank

All this data gives you powerful and actionable insights to improve your booking form in order to lower the number of people leaving your form and increase your conversion rate.


Hotjar’s feedback features are literally asking feedback from your website visitors about their experience. This qualitative information can be used to insights that you have previously gained via Analytics.

| Want to know what’s holding your visitors from converting? Simply ask them!!


Ask your visitors for a score (on a scale of 1 to 5) to rate their experience. Choose for specific pages on have it visible across your entire website. Visitors can easily highlight specific elements or text when sending their feedback to you.


Polls are another easy way to quickly collect specific feedback. Once you have identified a page that needs work (drop offs, exit pages) you can have a feedback poll to appear. This poll may appear when people are about to leave, they scrolled halfway your page or after several seconds.

Hotjar suggests to ask questions such as ‘’What are you missing on this page’’, ‘’What did you decide not to purchase/book/sign-up/download today’’?


Hotjar also offers the traditional surveys as we know them. This feature is typically a longer questionnaire to measure customer satisfaction in a more general way.


The final feature is a highly qualitative one which lets you recruit users. By giving away a discount-code you can try to get a one-on-one testing via video or an interview.

Hotjar is a powerful tool to gain insights in the behavior of your website visitors. Use it to improve the customer experience and increase your conversion rate!

The free Hotjar plan gives you enough possibilities to get actionable insights. Easily install Hotjar via Google Tag Manager and get started. The tool is very intuitive and easy to use (ofcourse!).

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