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You would like to use Google Advertising to promote your business.  The first questions that you need to ask if what exactly you want to achieve.  What are your marketing goals?  Advertising on Google AdWords can help you in the three main funnels of your Sales Funnel.  Depending on the funnel-level you can use Search, Display and/or Video advertising.

Top of the funnel

Goal: creating awareness

It's on the top of the sales funnel where potential customers get to know about brand, goods or services.  They might not know about you but are likely interested in what you have to offer.  With several well targeted campaigns AdWords can reach out to the people on top of the sales funnel to help you create awareness.

The main campaigns that helps to create awareness are Display Campaigns and Video Campaigns.  This is where Video or Image ads on YouTube and accross websites on the internet introduce what you have to offer to those people that are likely interested.

Middle of the funnel

Goal: nurture leads

People have shown interest in your brand or are searching for what you have to offer.  They might be searching for that what you have to offer or are already comparing similar products/services.  Those that are actively seeking can be targeted by Google's Search campaigns. For related search queries your Ads will show directly on top of paid part of Google's Search results.  The people that are still researching and comparing can be reached with Display Campaigns and Video Campaigns, similiar to the 'top of the funnel' but with a slightly more convincing message.

On top of that there's a group that has visited your website but didn't convert into a customer.  Reach these people with special remarketing campaigns with either video or image ads accross the internet.  Remarketing campaigns help you to stay connected with your leads, create brand awareness and to stay top-of-mind.


Bottom of the funnel

Goal: convert leads into customers

People that have reached the bottom of the funnel are going to convert.  They have decided to book your service or buy your product and are actively searching on Google for it.  Make sure that your Ads to make a presence in this stage.  You don't want to be invisible or overlooked during the most important stage of the funnel.  Search campaigns can make sure your company is going to show on top of the search result pages with the right message. 


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