This is how to optimize your Google My Business listing

Google my Business

A good listing on Google My Business is essential for your local SEO.  It enables you to show your business hours, phone numbers and directions to your location.  Best of all, it makes you appear in local search results when people are looking for your activities / tours.  A business profile is free, so let's capitalize on Google My Business!

1. Claim your listing

It goes without saying that you need to be to actual owner of your Google My Business listing.  If you haven't done so, claim your listing!

2. Verify your business

After you have claimed your listing you need to verify the location.  Google will mail you verification code to your physical address in order to do so.  AfteGoogle local my businessr verification you can start managing your local business page.  If you have multiple locations you can easily add them.

3. List accurate business information and double check

Make sure all your business information is correct.  The name of your business, opening hours and holidays and phone-number.  Fill in the correct categories of your business such as ''tour operator'' or ''sightseeing tour agency''.


4. Display your identity: marketing

Your business is unique.  Create an great profile with an appealing description of your company.  Add photos of your team, identity, logo, interior- and exterior photos and additional marketing photos.

5. Collect reviews and engage

Make sure to send emails to your guests asking them for reviews.  May it be on TripAdvisor or Google My Business, reviews are important!  Engaging with reviews shows you care about your guest, increasing loyalty and trustworthiness.  It's a great opportunity to respond to negative feedback where you can display your side of a story.   Responding as quick as possible shows you care and that you are always looking to improve your business!



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