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Example: Z!pMai is a company that offers zip-line experiences in Chiang Mai. The owner, Mr. Zip, wants to use online advertising to simply get more customers during their low-season. He is already using Google Adwords to advertise with text-ads to target people looking for his services (Google: zipline Chiang Mai). However he thinks there are also lots of people who would be interested in zip-lining but who don’t search for it.



Facebook Ads manager has many different kind of objectives for your ads. Easily choose the objective and create a new campaign.

Facebook Ads objectives

Example: Customers of Z!p-Line can easily book via the booking form on the website. Mr. Zip is hence looking to increase the bookings (conversions) on his website.



Choosing the right target audience is essential for the succes of your advertising.  Facebook advertising lets you reach exact the audience you are looking for.  With all these different segmentation options it gives the opportunity to reach your ideal target audience, given the fact that you know your (potential) customers.Facebook Ads targetting

Mr. Zip has been in business for years and knows which kind of people like zip-lining in Chiang Mai. They are mostly young, North/Western European travellers looking for adventurous activities. Out of experience he knows that his customers always book last minute when they are in Chiang Mai, or popular neighbouring towns. With his small budget but information about his potential customers, Facebook makes it possible to exactly target those people who might not know about zip-lining possibilities in Chiang Mai but would be interested to do so.



When advertising on Facebook it’s easy to choose your budget upon your wishes. A daily budget will limit the amount you want to spend per day. If you opt for a lifetime budget, the amount you enter is the maximum you will spend during the lifetime of your ads.

Bidding strategy:
Facebook will automatically set your bidding strategy as automatic bidding and optimization. Facebook will analyze your data and optimize your campaign delivery to get the most value for your money, depending on your objective (e.g. clicks, Likes, conversions). If you are not an expert it’s usually better to use Facebook’s proposed bidding strategy.

When you get more experienced you can start playing around with manual bidding. If you are looking for brand-awareness it’s best to pay per 1000 impressions CPM. When you are looking for conversions or clicks it’s probably more desirable to opt for the cost per click options (CPC, oCPC or CPA).

Mr. Zip is looking to get the most conversions within his budget and chooses for the automatic bidding and optimization as proposed by Facebook. When he has more experience within the ads he knows


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