More conversions? 
More traffic?

There is a reason that you have created a website for your business. Use the power of digital to have your website working for your business.  Create the (sub) goals that matter for you and funnel your website visitors towards it.  Kubores helps creating these goals, measures and improves the success rate by using the quantitative (the What) and qualitative (the Why) data that’s available and make it speak to you.


The final goal of a business is typically a purchase, booking or reservation.  There are a variety of sub-goals and phases that lead up to this goal.  It’s important to define and measure these goals in order the understand why your visitors are (or are not) buying or booking.


Kubores capitalizes on the abundance of data of the digital world and help you to understand what is says.  We create customized reports and graphs that are comprehend-able and give the most relevant insights depending on your goals and situation.  To make it speak to you we explain what it means and what opportunities there might be in a short and easy-to-read brief.

WHAT is happening

Kubores uses a variety of tracking tools to track what’s happening around your website.  Can people find you?  What keywords trigger your website to appear in search results?  Where do this people come from?  Which pages trigger them to leave your website?

Receive valuable insights on what’s happening and where you can improve to to receive more quality traffic that does exactly what you want them to do: your GOAL(s).

Google Analytics - Analytics

WHY is this happening

The data that tells you what is happening doesn’t always give you insights on why this is happening.  We can show you how your visitors are really using your website.  Heatmaps, visitor recordings and even direct feedback give valuable insights into the pain-points of your conversion funnel.

Take away the guessing and start testing to improve your conversions and boost your business.

Hotjar heatmap


Kubores can deliver valuable insights into what exactly is happening around your website.  Set sub-goals that ultimately lead to your final goal.  See how you rank in the search engines on certain keywords.  Discover where people are dropping out of your conversion funnel.  Get an insight on where your website visitors are clicking and scrolling.

  • Set goals and conversion funnel
  • Setup tracking tools
  • Analyse visitors and their behavior
  • Page analysis | Heatmap & recordings

This are several examples of what insights we can deliver in order to boost your business.  We strive to build a long-term relationship and be part of your marketing team but can occasionally work on a non-recurring project.

More traffic? More conversions? More insights?

We have created special packages based on the Customer Journey.  Have a look at our special monthly packages to see where in the Customer Journey we can help you!

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Jurgen Derksen

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More traffic?  More conversions?  More insights?
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