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Running Digital Advertising campaigns are a powerful and flexible way to drive high-quality visitors to your website, interested in what you offer.  There are many different elements in Google Ads and Facebook Advertising determining the success of your campaign.  Kubores helps you setup and maintain your entire campaign in order to boost your online visibility and get relevant visitors to your website.


The flexibility of Digital Advertising gives you the opportunity to advertise more aggressively on keywords, persons, days/weeks, countries, devices or even websites that are relevant to you (and vica versa). 

Local and/or global campaigns: whether the people you want to reach live near your business (local) or live around the globe (global).


Google Search Ads appear on top (or below) the organic Google search results.  These ads can result in an instant top-of-the-page advertisement that instantly sends traffic to your website.

AdWords search campaign


Display ads are text and banner ads that you can place on website and apps of the Google Network.  Place your ads on specific blogs/website or target people that are likely interested in what you have to offer.  The main goal of Display Ads is to create brand-awareness and for people to see you advertisement.

Display Ad

Want to tell your story in a video to show what you have to offer? Show your video to relevant people and only pay when people watch it.
Youtube advertising
People have visited your website but didn't perform the action that you wanted.  Use remarketing to show visual and text ads to these people and remind them of what you have to offer to stay top-of-mind.
Using Facebook ads is a good way to target people and their interest.  Facebook Ads are ''native ads'' making it looks more like original Facebook posts.  The targeting of Facebook can be used to reach exactly the people you want. 


With Google and Facebook advertising we can see how many people see your ads, click on them and visit your website and what they are looking for. Ultimately you can track your goals and closely monitor your performance. whether this is brand-awareness (how many people see your ads) or conversions (how many people contacted you, booked or bought). 

Measure adwords performance


Digital Ad campaigns flexibility make for an affordable digital advertising option.  The flexibility of Digital campaigns give you full control over your costs making it accessible to any kind of budget, low to high. You can already start advertising from as low as €1,- per day.

Introduction: situation and future goals

Let's get a good overview of your business, current situation and future goals. What is the current situation of the company? What would you like to achieve? Who do you want to reach out to? We will research keywords (and placements) to give you a rough overview of what advertising on Google and Facebook can bring you and at what cost.

Campaign setup

When the goals and keywords are clear it's time to setup the campaigns as efficient and flexible as possible. While setting up the campaigns we'd like to make our efforts measurable by tracking traffic and your goals. Where are the people that you want to reach and how are they using the internet? At this stage we will define your messages you would like to communicate to potential leads and write ads and extensions accordingly.

One-time setup fee starting at € 349,- / 12.000 THB

Maintenance and optimization

Advertising on internet makes it possible to measure almost everything. This gives us the opportunity to continuously measure results and see what works and what doesn't work for your campaign(s). We track the performance and costs and continuously optimize the campaign(s) in order to stay competitive. The latest features will be updated and implemented when relevant. Of course there will be a (easy to read, non-technical language) performance-report send to you on a monthly basis.
Management fee starting at € 199,- / 8.000 THB per month

More traffic? More conversions? More insights?

We have created special packages based on the Customer Journey.  Have a look at our special monthly packages to see where in the Customer Journey we can help you!

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