How to start using user-generated content

User generated content

When you offer great tours and experiences your customers are more than customers.  They are marketers and they are influencers.  The most effective social networks are the accounts of your customers rather than your own.    Each and everyone of your customers has a smartphone and internet connection and love to share nice visuals of their experiences to their friends.  This makes them the best brand-ambassadors out there.  Best things if all: it's FREE!

How to generate user-generated content? 

Lucky for you, getting user-generated content is not difficult. There are a lot of ways to do it, on a lot of different channels. The most effective way os to have a company hashtag.  In addition to a company hashtag you can go even further and create a hashtag which also sells your experience. Tell your groups to share their content on social media using your hashtags which subsequently reaches a new audience, for free! If it's good content (there is lots of high quality content around there) you can share it: don't forget to thank them!

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Where to find the best user-generated content? 

If you are in the tours and activity industry a positive Tweet on your tours are nice, but they are not going to sell your tours as well as images and (good) video.  Instead, look on Social Media platforms focusing on images/video that you can use.  Customers might share something on your Facebook wall but the better platform for visuals is Instagram.  Search for the hashtag (and different variations) that you have been giving to your customers to see what they have been sharing.  On Instagram you can also look for content that is shared on a specific geographic location.  Content might be shared while they were at your office or geo-tagged along the way during the tour.



Stop focusing to much on creating your own content and trust the eye of your customers!

Choose the right hashtag and you’ll soon have more content available. This content, as it’s created by advocates of your business, is by far the most effective type you can create.



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