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You offer a great product of service that more people should use and would love some extra traffic to your website. The journey of your customer journey begins or eventually ends online and this is where Kubores can help..

Using data to our advantage and monitoring results.  We capatalize on the abundance of data and have it speak to you in a comprehensible language or simple chart.  Data Made Easy.  

Your flexible partner for Digital challenges.

Kubores has years of experience in brand management and lead generation. View us as (an extension of) your own marketing team.

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Google- & Facebook Ads

Kubores helps with the setup, improvement or expansion of your digital advertising campaigns.  Use Google Ads, remarketing and/or Facebook Ads to immediately grow your traffic. 


Goals, Analytics & Easy Reporting

The power of digital = data.  Improving your website or increasing your traffic comes from a desire.  Together we sit down to pin down your (sub) goals and conversions.  Continuous monitoring, reporting and adjusting is key in our process.  


Digital Marketing

Kubores has gathered extensive experience in the digital world and business strategies.  We’d love to be involved in the process of setting up, monitoring and optimizing of the entire digital marketing strategy. 


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Jurgen Derksen

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More traffic?  More conversions?  More insights?
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